North Shore, Oahu

Jan 9

I am not sure what I can really say about Oahu and not only do it justice, but not offend anyone who loves, lives, or grew up on the island. So, I will try to keep it pretty straight forward with few judgements or too many opinions. We got to Honolulu Airport, got our rental

Slow down, this is Molokai.

Dec 18

Is the first sign you see when you leave the tiny plane and small airport in Kualapuu, Molokai. This sign is also the first indication that life in general has slowed down, and it is time to let go of whatever your typical routine and expectations are for the duration of the time you are


Nov 11

Just getting this blog and trip off the ground, I am now posting about Costa Rica- while already in Kauai. We moved out of our house on October 5, and were waiting on a good friends wedding that was not until November 12. So, we figured that we were not going to be paying rent