The Banyak Islands

Aug 31

Here’s a collection of the photos I took while working on a surf charter boat in the Banyak Islands of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. I spent a total of 10 weeks on that floating home and got to share the space with a diverse group of surfers. I’m grateful for the experience of surf exploration and

Bukit Life and Beyond

Jul 3

I want to preface this update by letting you know there will be no beautiful visual photography reward at the end per our usual posts. Alex is currently living on a catamaran up in the Banyak and Mentawai Islands and working as a photographer for a surf charter. He is there for a total of

Being in Bali

Mar 20

So Alex published his photos before I got to writing this post, and as I thought on how I want to share our experience so far in Indonesia, I was finally able to formulate something. All of our time this far has been on only one of the 17k islands in the country of Indonesia,

A Little Bit of Oz

Feb 25

I say a little bit, because this incredible country is so large that we only gave it a fraction of the time and attention it deserves- BUT the parts we did explore were every bit worth sharing. We landed in Sydney too early to go to our hotel which was right down town in the


Jan 25

The first thing we saw welcoming us to Auckland airport was a giant advertisement for New Zealand Air that depicted a pilot and crew member who were hobbits with long red hair and beards and hobbit ears. The second was a very cool Maori archway over the entrance to the baggage reclaim area. I immediately

Hawai’i Time

Nov 26

First: A disclaimer about my Hawaiian spelling and pronunciations- they may be insultingly wrong…I did my best. Ahh, the sound of roosters every morning and bright red dirt on everything we own. Kauai was good to us. We arrived late afternoon to a very relaxed feeling Lihue airport- also where we saw our first of


Nov 11

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