Ready to leave Orange County California and start life somewhere new, we have chosen a year of travel as a way to see where that place could be. With Alex motivated by good surf and warm weather, and myself looking for a slower pace and smaller crowds with more nature, we are starting in Kauai. We plan to keep heading west and end up in South America where I can practice Spanish. However, the plan is still very open ended and we are also open to whatever comes up along the way.
I ended up in California by way of Washington State, where most of my family is from- and born in Texas.
Alex was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and moved to Florida at 16, then on to California where we met almost 4 years ago. Our first year of marriage was filled with changes, challenges, and opportunities. Everything seemed to fall into place so that we could take this trip, and we are incredibly grateful.
We come from different backgrounds, and have our challenges as a couple, but we are both committed to growing and letting life teach us along the way. I will be doing most of the writing, and Alex the visuals.
Thank you for letting us share our stories and experiences, we hope they are relevant, inspiring, and exciting.
With Love,
Dana and Alex Lopez